Thursday, January 24, 2008

DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Counter 1

We love DIY. I find that I am often capable of doing things and making things I would normally think are beyond my ability. That’s the Joy of doing it yourself. You are often rewarded with accomplishment as well as the product of your effort.

I have mentioned that our kitchen is need of a remodel. If you have ever shopped for a kitchen, it is often that the countertops are the most expensive part. I have even looked at Ikea kitchens where the countertops they displayed were far more expensive than all the cabinets and appliances combined.

Today I was browsing Instructables, a really great DIY site, and I found this great tutorial on making your own concrete countertops. There are a multitude of sites that have info on concrete counters and many books available. It's great to see the result of one man's efforts and gives me hope that this is something I could possibly do. Check it out — it's a great and rewarding way to save money, and everyone loves a good project.

counter detail


Cute Girl said...

Thanks for sharing this. I wondered how these were done. I had no idea that there could be curves.

LINDSAY said...

My husband tackled this after reading a couple of Cheng books. His first attempt was 72 sq.ft. of countertops at his friends house. They turned out gorgeous. He's doing them for our house this summer!