Saturday, January 12, 2008

$2,500 Mini Car The Tata Nano


At $2,500 the Tata Nano or “the peoples car” is set to become the new Volkswagen Beetle. Although smaller than the Beetle, technology has allowed for some innovations over the German version of “The Peoples Car”. This 4-door, 5 passenger mini car has a 2-cylinder 634cc rear-mounted engine. It is expected to get 50 MPG. Though I’m not sure we would actually see this vehicle stateside, I think Cadillac Escalades would roll right over it like a speed bump, it’s set for release in India.

I am already hearing about the environmental impact flooding the roads of India with a million of theses buggers a year, that’s the intended production number. I also can’t help but to think, how can we cast the first stone; at least they are flooding the streets with small cars.

Still it is quite a marvel that in today’s market that a company could sell a vehicle, all be it a small one, for $2,500. I am sure this car will enrich the lives of many.