Monday, January 28, 2008

Bug Labs


CNET calls it “The Lego of Gadgets.” A very captivating idea, Bug Labs has created an interactive mini Linux-based PC. This micro PC, the BUGbase, is the center of it all. It is gadget-sized device with a variety of ports and buttons. There is also an assortment of snap on modules including a camera, a motion detector, LCD screen and a GPS receiver. All of these modules can be added to the BUGbase to create costume gadgets.

An example could be to use the base with the camera and motion detector and writhing a script that tells the device to snap a photo and email it to you whenever motion is detected.

The best part of the BUG is the DIY aspect. It is really just an assortment of raw electronics designed to interface with limitless opportunities for the owner. Currently the device is being offered for sale with the recommendation that you understand JAVA script. With new modules in development and the open source nature of the development, soon you will be able to buy one and download hundreds of applications.