Thursday, January 10, 2008

The miniHome


The miniHome is a unique little structure. It is somewhere between ultra hip prefab home and a doublewide. This diminutive dwelling really is an amazing feet of design and architecture. The miniHome integrates all the newest in sustainable home technology in one clean ready to live in structure. It has passive solar panels, solar panels, led lighting and composting toilets. All this and it is a travel trailer although not intended for continual travel placing and relocating it are quite simple tasks. All and all it is a well laid out and comfortable looking space for its mere 340 square feet. It has one of the most workable kitchens I have seen in similarly sized dwellings.

Designers Andy Thomson and Dan Hall and Northlander Industries are ramping up a production run to begin in the spring of 2008. So often we see stunning designs that are just that designs that never go into real production. Well the miniHouse is available now so if you are interested check it out.


Check out the miniHome on HGTV.