Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tivoli Audio


Music and talk radio are big parts of my life. I find myself listening to the radio and/or music far more frequently than watching TV. I even record late night radio shows so I may listen to them later, then again, that’s a post for another day. But what stereo is right for your small space?

There are several options, but today I’ll start with one of the more high-end ones. Tivoli Audio has a wealth of products designed to perfectly complement living in small spaces. These are far from budget options, but it is rare to find form and function so perfectly matched. I first noticed Tivoli Audio when they introduced the RadioCombo — a decent 3-piece system. You can add a Model Subwoofer and have a very complete audio system that is big on sound and elegantly designed. Also, you can easily attach your personal flavor of MP3 player.

Recently Tivoli Audio has released the newer Tivoli Audio Music System, which is a one-piece unit. More advanced than the earlier units, it is similar to the Bose Wave Radio. These newer units also have a newer price tag ranging form $999 to $1200. Not for everyone, but if size and style matter and you can afford them you will not be disappointed.