Sunday, January 20, 2008

Starbucks Gift Card Coasters

vday coaster

Ok, so in addition to being a super eco-friendly product, this post is pure shameless self-promotion. I want to be honest right up front and say that I make these coasters and sell them on My wife and I sell several handcrafted items that we produce in our home. Crafting can be a fun and rewarding experience.

These coasters are made by cutting spent gift cards and arranging them in mosaic patterns. They are then laminated to cork creating quite functional coasters. You can now protect your furniture and the environment at the same time. Most gift cards are not recyclable so finding alternative uses for them prevents them from ending up in landfills.

Flawed Flock 200 craft


dstopgal said...

Nice! I just hearted your shop on Etsy. I'll be taking a second look when we move and we're looking for new goodies for the house.

Question, do you have any suggestions about what to do with cardboard coffee cup sleeves? I've been collecting them, but my creativity has been slumping lately. Thanks!

Michael said...

Thanks, I will have a whole new crop of coasters soon. I have a bunch of new cards I have yet to assemble into new patterns.

Not sure about the selves. I have kicked it around before. I also do bookbinding, and I have thought of using them in a binding project.
Not sure how yet.

decadentdiamond said...

I love that coaster!!! Have you tried approaching Starbucks? I could see them selling it, and using it!!

Michael said...

In fact Starbucks collects the cards for me. The cards are not normally recycled, most recycling plants reject them. So when I approached them with the idea they were more than happy to help.

Don't think I'd like to have them mass produced in China for sale in Starbucks though. The money would have to me very good to sell out my principals.

decadentdiamond said...

Oh I never thought about them being mass produced!
I just thought of it being exclusive to your favourite Starbucks branch, that you made!

It's great to know that they collect the cards for you anyway, Starbucks is the friendliest coffee shop I've ever been in, no matter what branch.

Michael said...

Yes I agree, Starbucks does take flack for being a big corporation. But They are the friendliest coffee shop. The do so much right, and they have a real and social and environmental responsibility and about them.

And some damn good coffee to boot!

Steve said...

Your coasters are a wonderful idea. It's nice to see you also take action by selling them. Cool.