Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Multi-Function Furniture


When you live in a small space every piece of furniture you own must be scrutinized. Each piece of furniture must prove its worth.
Does it fit your d├ęcor, is it too big and will is serve a purpose?

If you are able to find a piece that fits, looks great and can serve more than one function, then you have achieved furniture bliss.

MFINITY has just such a piece, the Sofa Squared. This is a true multi-functional furniture piece. The Sofa Squared is a sofa, daybed, storage chest and a full-sized bed all in one. This is not a small sofa at about 80 inches. But its size is more than made up for by the multi-function of this wonder.

The Sofa Squared is constructed from multi-ply birch veneered plywood and high density foam cushions. It is not inexpensive at $2,995, but all that multi-function comes a cost.



Emily said...

I wonder how this one stacks up to the Hemnes daybed at Ikea... Same functionality for about a third of the price??

Michael said...

I wonder as well. The MFINITY sofa squared is built like a tank from a very solid multi-ply. I have had issues with many IKEA products.

Don’t get me wrong I love IKEA, one is located 20 minutes from my home, but the quality of some of their items is questionable.

I’ll try to get to IKEA and jump on the Hemnes myself; bed jumping is always a good test, for someone else’s furniture.

Also see my IKEA Hacker post coming soon.