Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Small Space Pets


Last week we talked about cats — this week it’s fish. I have always liked fish and have had several aquariums. For a time, I even had a mini reef tank with living corals and more life than you could imagine. Aquariums are not for everyone. Salt-water tanks — particular reef tanks — require a good bit of upkeep and a healthy dose of knowledge. They can however be a very rewarding hobby. I sat for countless hours staring into my reef tank each time noticing some new life I had previously missed — they are a joy.

Spacearium has some of the most incredible aquariums I have ever seen. They solve many problems by eliminating the need for a stand; the tanks are mounted into the ceiling. The mounting system is also used to pipe the water to and from the tank for remote filtering. Allowing the bulky filtering system that is usually mounted on or under the tank allows for a light airy feel to their tanks. The whole set-up is great. The price tag is not for the meek — prices start over $4,000.