Saturday, January 26, 2008

Holyoke Cabin

hive 1

Paul Stankey, cofounder of hiveMODULAR has, with the help of his brother, begun the construction of a cabin. The Holyoke Cabin is situated on a 40-acre parcel originally purchased by his father and uncle and intended for hunting. Paul, his brother and their wives decided to build a weekend home on the property. The resulting structure is a fantastic example of recycling and green building. The two main anchors of the cabin’s structure are twenty-foot shipping containers. I have seen many examples of container structures, but there is something special about the good old-fashioned ingenuity and simplicity of this one. Constructed primarily by the two men, the resulting cabin is striking.

When the Holyoke Cabin is finished, it will have a 12v lighting system with a small array of solar cells and gas lighting for backup. They also intend to collect the rainwater to feed a cistern for a grey water system.

I will keep you posted as they update the project — I can’t wait to see how turns out.

hive 2