Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Combination Appliances

LTM9000 c

In my small kitchen, counter space is a real limited commodity. My wife and I hope to completely overhaul the kitchen at some point, but there is a long list of other more pressing issues in this small, old house.

So currently the strategy is purchase high quality small appliances that can fill the need and free any space they can. The LG LTM9000 is one such appliance. It is a compact, well made, combination appliance. It combines a microwave and a toaster — two appliances most people use often — in one small package. LG has impressed me more and more recently; they have been producing some very high-tech electronics lately. If you find yourself wanting for more space in your kitchen or are tired of stowing the toaster in a cabinet the LG LTM9000 is for you.