Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MacBook Air


Slim is in. And Apple’s new MacBook Air has the skinny. At a mere .76 inches and 3 pounds it is thinner than even the Eee PC. Apple's new object of lust the Air is yet another upping of the ante by Apple. With gadgetry lately is seems like everyone is playing catch-up with Apple. The iPod, iPhone, and now the MacBook Air, Apple is truly on its game.

The MacBook Air is a 13 inch 1.6 GHz or1.8 GHz slim laptop. It comes with 2 Gig ram, fairly impressive for a slim machine. The Air also has super fast built in 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR. If you don’t get all the geek-speak I’ll sum it up: slim on size, but far from slim on power. The power of the multi-touch trackpad adds so much function to the standard touch pad. Borrowing innovation from the iPhone screen, with the ability to pinch, swipe and rotate by simply moving your fingers, it's genius.

There are some shortcomings. No optical drive, ok this is easy to overcome. The Air ships with software that lets you borrow drives from other computers with Wi-Fi. There are also USB optional drives available. Apple was the first major computer company to drop floppy drives, so this not so surprising. The biggest flaw I can see is the 5-hour battery. I know, 5 hours that’s great. But wait, it’s not removable so that’s it. I also hate that when the battery dies and you know it is off to the Apple Store with your Laptop. These relatively minor issues aside, the MacBook Air looks amazing. With Microsoft’s Vista faltering, the sky is the limit for Apple.