Sunday, April 13, 2008

Small Space Spoon Clip


If your kitchen is as small as mine then you’ll appreciate this space saving device. I often find myself juggling utensils while cooking. I always seem to have a sauce covered spoon that I end up putting down in exactly the wrong place. I just don’t have the room when I have three of four pots or pans on the stove.

While shopping this weekend my wife picked up this item — the Tundeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest. She said it was perfect for our kitchen and Small Space Living. I hope she does not read this, but she was right.

The Pot Clip is an ingenious little device that clips on the edge of a pot and holds the business end of the spoon over the pot to nullify drips — so simple so perfect. Also, it is available in a wide assortment of colors.

If you have a small space kitchen this little clip is for you.


jen x said...

Well this is cool even if one doesn't know what it is.

BTW, I just put up a stat counter on my blog, which I haven't used before. Turns out I get several hits a day from Small Space Living, making your blog even more lovely in my eyes :-)

Michael said...

Thats great
Is a great blog. I'm happy if I can help some people find it!

Debbie said...

Anything that makes for less clutter is great! Wife approved.