Sunday, April 6, 2008

Small Space iPod and Gadget Charging Solution: The Sanctuary


So I like gadgets — cell phone, iPod, GPS, and more. In most homes there are at least two cell phones and often multiple ipods and a slue of other battery guzzling gadgets. So how do you manage all the chargers?

The sheer number of charger requiring gadgets in a standard home is mind blowing. Finally, BlueLounge has a solution. The Sanctuary is a sleek multiple unit charging station. Unlike other units, instead of just providing a power strip and cord organizer, The Sanctuary is the charger for up to twelve devices. So it’s bye bye to all those bulky AC adapters and chargers. I like that you could also now take a chargers that you use need frequently to another location, like work.

The Sanctuary is available in black or white and it’s a whole lot more stylish than the ball of cords it replaces. It would work well near your door or on a bedside table; there is enough room in the tray for your keys and wallet also.

Its about time someone came along and saved us from the dirty side of our gadget addiction and it looks like BlueLounge has done it.


Palluxo! Editor said...

multiple unit charging station is exactly what I need at my home! (And office!) Thanks!