Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Small Space Digital Poster: RedPost


I’m sure you have a local coffee shop or grocery store that has a community bulletin board. You know, that magical place where everyone posts their multi-colored flyers and posters. Well RedPost is trying to change the way local advertising works.

RedPost sells the Sign Beta — a compact 19-inch LCD screen mounted in an aluminum frame with a full-blown computer on board. The Sign Beta can be mounted anywhere. You could mount it in your home and use it as a high tech digital photo frame. You could hang it in your business and use it as a digital bulletin board for digital advertising. This is the amazing part. You can update the Sign Beta from your PC with its WIFI connection. It can also be updated via an internet connection, again using WIFI, from a special web site.

Specialized software called Corktop allows you to manage your Sign Beta in several ways. Corktop allows you to manage what is displayed on your sign through a play list function much like iTunes. It also allows others to submit “flyers” to you online for your approval. You can offer your ad space free of charge or on a paid basis. Corktop manages the income, accepting payments and mailing you checks for revenue earned.

There is much to figure out here, but basically you buy the Sign Beta, set up your Corktop account and start selling or offering your sign space. I see this process helping local bands and family yard sales to go paperless.

It’s all very high-tech but these days what isn’t?