Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Small Space Extreme Sports: Pen Spinning


Today I bring extreme sports to the small space dwelling masses. I know you crave having the space for an indoor basketball hoop or bowling lane of your own. Today I bring you a far cooler activity suitable for small space living.

Pen Spinning has not really caught on in the states as the competitive, don’t poke your eye out sport that it is. In Japan, however, it is huge. I am aware that not all, ok many, Japanese trends never catch on in the rest of the world, but I think pen spinning has merit.

Penz’Gear is now selling a two pack of specially balanced spinning pens complete with a DVD of tricks. If you are not familiar with pen spinning, you need to be. Do yourself a favor and watch the video at the bottom of this post.

The things these people can do with pens — yes pens — is just plain insane. Well I’d like to write more, but I need to practice. The next time you see me, I may well have ink all over my hands, but you’ll know why.


Smurf Warrior said...

That's pretty cool. I'm still sticking with my poi -- they're a really great small-space hobby. I don't recommend fire poi for indoor practice though.

Btw, this is Susan, I worked at your store for a while. I'll be starting up a blog at joyfulmonkey.blogspot.com pretty soon.

Nereid said...

This makes me want to pull out my Viper again...

You always *are* on the cutting edge of cool, aren't you? ;-)

Michael said...

Hello Susan!

Nereid is referring to a yo-yo when he says "viper." A little known fact about yours truly is that before authoring Small Space Living I have worked a a professional yo-yoer.