Friday, April 4, 2008

Small Space Caffeine: Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine


I love coffee, specifically espresso. At one time I had a pretty serious habit, some days eight shots before noon. I have somewhat weaned myself off the juice. That is until now.

I just purchased an Ascaso Dream. I had the opportunity to purchase the machine at an obscenely low price. The machine retails for $850 – $700. I have found refurbish units on the web for $499. The unit I purchased was an open box, but when all was said and done I paid $160.49 — that’s a pretty good machine.

The machine is very highly rated on coffee geek — check out a review here. I have yet to fire it up; I just cleaned it and set it up. As soon as I am able, I’ll let you know what I think.

I am hopeful that more high quality caffeine will keep me bouncing around and writing more — we’ll see how it all works out.


Nereid said...

Hm. Espresso by Michael. All the more reason to come visit you guys. Looks like a beautiful piece; hope it's just as functional for you!

Michael said...

Our door is always open you guys should come and visit... I'll make the espresso.

Debbie said...

Come for the coffee, stay for the weekend...