Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inexpensive Flash Alternative: Light Scoop


If you have an expensive digital SLR then you know that that built in flash can make your pictures look terrible. There are conditions where a built in flash can be just what you need, but for the most part it tends to create unnatural skin tones and harsh shadows.

There are alternatives namely expensive external flash units. For example, you can expect to pay more than $250 for a fully equipped flashgun with a tilt and swivel head. There is no doubt that an external flash can do wonders for your picture taking skills.

Now there is an inexpensive alternative — Professor Kobre’s Light Scoop. The Light Scoop is an innovative angled mirror that slides into the hot shoe of your digital SLR. The Light Scoop bounces your camera’s built in flash off the ceiling so a more natural and less harsh light illuminates your subject. I’m actually impressed with how well it works.

There are very specific conditions required for the Light Scoop to function properly. The ceiling should be white or light colored. The surface you are bouncing off must also be fairly low — if the ceiling is to high, the light will dissipate too much to work well.

Below are two shots of a local band, Swagger Back at a local bar. The first photo, the top one, is with no flash; the second one uses the Light Scoop.



Debbie said...

Swagger Back rocks! Nice photo — great work with the Light Scoop.

Diana Nile said...

The photo taken using the Lightscoop is so much better than the other!