Monday, April 21, 2008

Small Space Living: 435-Square-Foot Apartment

Photo Credit Michael Weschler for The New York Time

A recent New York Times article “A Global Sweep On a Tiny Budget” by Elaine Louie showcases a fantastic Greenwich Village apartment.

The apartment, a 435 square foot studio, was transformed into a surprisingly spacious-feeling one-bedroom apartment. The project is an example of the remarkable possibilities in small space living. The entire remodel was accomplished with a $41,000 budget. Not inexpensive, but very reasonable for New York.

The apartment is able to achieve much in its relatively small space. The kitchen is open and nicely equipped. The living room appears more spacious than possible.

All in all it is another great example of living well in a smaller space.


allisonlindsay said...

Just blogged this at Living Small last week. It is a great space; I'm loving all the glass. Thanks for posting.

KMP Furniture said...

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