Monday, April 21, 2008

Small Space Self-contained Kitchen


Italian kitchens have always been more sleek and stylish than their American counterparts. Many Italian kitchen components are more like furniture than our built in cabinets. It’s not unusual for Italian renters to take their kitchens with them when they move.

Dada, an Italian Kitchen manufacturer, produces the Tivali line by Dante Bonuccelli. It is a line of completely self-contained freestanding kitchens. The can be used as room dividers or backed against a wall. They are sleek modern kitchens, which can be concealed behind smooth sliding doors that fit neatly into pockets of the unit.

There are several variations of the design with color and equipment options. One even has illuminated glass shelves.

I’d love to be able to close some stylish sliding doors to conceal my current kitchen — then I’m not sure the dishes would ever get done.


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