Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Small Space Laundry: LG Combo Washer Dryers


We all have dirty laundry. It’s how you get it clean that matters. I remember the days of going to a Laundromat. I remember them… I do not miss them. We have a washer and dryer that we have owned for ten years. I really have no complaints about the Kenmore units that I own. They are, however, ten years old and therefore not the most efficient options. They also live in the basement. It is my hope that we can purchase one combo unit and move it up from the basement.

LG makes several full sized washer dryer combo units. The LG units range from $1,300 to $1,900. With the space advantages aside, the LG units also have many other desirable features. These front-loading machines are generally well built and include high-end features like a stainless steel drum, a direct drive motor, steam wash and a ventless condensing drying system.

The machines also have a proprietary system called SenseClean that monitors fabric care as well as water and energy efficiency. The machines are also low decibel quite operating.

All the features and sensors make for highly energy water and space efficient machines. In fact, LG machines exceed Energy Star classifications by 39%.


PJB said...

LG may claim these units better the required energy efficiency rating but LG's condenser dryer units fail miserably at water efficiency.
For example, whilst the LG model WD-1248RD needed 107 litres to wash a 9kg load, the "condensing drying system" used (on average) an extra 133 litres of water to dry those clothes*. In Australia at least, LG was able to claim a 4 star (AAAA) water efficiency rating because the standard is based on a wash cycle not wash & dry.

(*As tested by independent consumer advice organization Choice Australia link to article)

allisonlindsay said...

I can't speak for the water use (I haven't found any statistics that disprove LG's water-saving claims), but I can say that I'm enamored of my LG w/d, which my husband and I purchased in early January, and which I blogged the day it arrived. I've been pleased ever since.