Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Small Space Kitchen Set: My Pro Kitchen


My kitchen is too small. I also have too much stuff. I need to divest myself of lots of unused kitchen items.

Recently I found My Pro Kitchen. My Pro Kitchen is a web site that sells the My Pro Kitchen Set. It is a set of 36 must have items for an instant well-equipped kitchen.

I find the idea intriguing — 36 pieces and the set really does include nearly everything you would need to cook a vast array of meals. I also like that the items are all from commercial restaurant suppliers. So you are getting good quality industrial pieces. Now don’t expect to see brand names in the set.

It’s a perfect starter kitchen set for anyone moving into his or her first apartment or home. The My Pro Kitchen Set is also a study in minimalism. If you could downsize your kitchen to 36 pieces, wouldn’t that be a great thing.


Debbie said...

This makes a great house warming gift. Great for someone going off to college too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the same like Ikea's starter kit they had for years!