Friday, April 18, 2008

Small Space Design Perfection: Oh! My Glass


So with the triumphant return of fair weather I am caught contemplating my summer rituals.

One such ritual is sitting on the patio after work as the sun goes down and enjoying a cold beverage. I have sworn off soda of all kind. I love juice, but it has a ton of sugar. I guess this year it will be iced espresso drinks, as I continue to use my Ascaso Dream. And there is always the old stand by San Pellegrino, the king of all mineral water.

I love to sip ice cold San Pellegrino. We buy cases of the pop-top bottles. One day while shopping I found the perfect San Pell drinking companion, the Oh My Glass by Propaganda.

The Oh My Glass is the perfect plastic drinking glass, just the right size. The kicker is the bottom has a built in bottle opener. So you just need the San Pell and with this glass and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you could drink any number of other pop-top beverages with the Oh My Glass, but that is another post.