Sunday, April 27, 2008

Small Space Accommodations: The Pod Hotel


Traveling can be expensive. Paying a premium for spacious hotel rooms never made much sense to me. Most of the time when I’ve traveled it was to see some location other than the inside of a hotel room.

The Pod Hotel is changing the way we think about hotels in America. The Pod Hotel has been quite successful in Europe and now it’s catching on in the US. The first American Pod Hotel is located in Manhattan. It is not uncommon for a average New York hotel room to top $300 a night. The Pod Hotel has rooms as low as $89 with average prices around $180.

What’s the big deal with The Pod? The big deal is well small. If you stay in The Pod Hotel you will be staying in a room that is significantly smaller than major hotel chain’s rooms. The rooms are small, clean and well appointed. There are iPod docks and flat screen televisions. The smallest and least expensive rooms have shared bathrooms.

If you are traveling to New York this summer, check it out. If The Pod Hotel continues to be successful, there may be one coming to a city near you very soon.


jen x said...

The Pod! I stayed there for a night in March. I'd decided to go to NYC a day earlier than originally planned and my hotel had nothing remotely affordable for that add'l night. The Pod's location was so handy and I'd read such good reviews, I gave it a shot. I got an $89 single, shared bath, and was quite happy with the value.

The room reminded me of a small dorm room (but with a fancy TV). If one looks at it that way -- cozy dorm room in the city -- it will not disappoint!

Lakesha said...

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KMP Furniture said...

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