Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Small Space Wallet: Jimi


I hate wallets, but not the idea of the wallet. Organization is good and having everything handy is always a plus. It’s the everything part that scares me. That’s where Jimi comes in.

I have had a Jimi for about 4 years now. Jimi is a small-sized recycled plastic wallet. The small part is the main point here. There is room for your ID, a credit or two, and a few folded bills. I think of the Jimi as a sort of gastric-bypass surgery for the wallet. It forces you to only put in exactly what you have too.

I use to suffer from bulging wallet syndrome. I would stuff all manner of trash I’d never need into my wallet. When my wallet got to thick and I could no longer sit comfortably on it, I’d sort all the stuff I’d been carrying around and wonder “what was I thinking.” The Jimi is a great design — there is even a removable portion, like a money clip just big enough for two cards and some cash.

If you find you store too much in your wallet, give Jimi a try.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how FUN! I sometimes use a double-sided cigarette case but I find that too bulky for a small purse or a pocket. I LOVE these :)

Anonymous said...

It's of no use for Europeans, as you can't put coins in it.

Vu Bui said...

These look great for runners/cyclists as well! No more sweaty cash.

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

When u break it cause u sat on it or something, ur going to regret it. Btw, u see how u have to put the bills in that little fold, so basically when ever u need cash, u need to pull out all of those cash bills, unfold it, then pull one bill out and do the same thing in reverse to put the stuff back in. (Not that handy dont you think?)