Sunday, May 11, 2008

Small Space Spoon: Yogurt Spoon


I like yogurt. I eat it every day — sometimes several times. It’s just a good healthy convenient snack.

When I saw Nojae Park’s Yogurt Spoon I thought “wow, why has no one thought of this before?” If you have ever eaten yogurt out of those neat little single serving plastic cups, you will get this. The Yogurt Spoon is a spoon designed for eating yogurt. The trick is that the tip is a right-angled point. It’s rounded so it’s not too sharp, but it is pointed enough to get the yogurt that normally falls out side the radius of a normal spoon.

With a normal spoon it is a fairly small volume of yogurt wasted. But when I think of all the cups I recycle, that little extra yogurt adds up to a big waste. I need this spoon.


jen x said...

Why has no one thought of this indeed! I can finally stop using my finger. You've gotta love inventors :-)

Debbie said...

OK Mike... This too is a must have. It was made with you in mind.

Anonymous said...

I just created one by taking a plastic spoon and cut it. I win.