Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small Space Multi-Function Furniture: The Windwheel


We have been over the importance of getting the most out of furniture in your small space by selecting multi-function pieces. If you are able to use any furniture do double-duty, it helps in small space living.

This new concept by Choi Seonghwa, the Windwheel stool, is a good example of making the most of the space that the furniture occupies. First and foremost, the Windwheel is a table with 4 padded stools. The stools fit under the table when not in use to reduce the footprint of the Windwheel. The stools also have built in shelving so in addition to having a reduced footprint they include extra storage.

It’s a great concept. I hope to see someone picks it up and produces it soon.

Via designzen.


Debbie said...

Is that a lazy susan on the top? The glass top is a nice touch — it looks "lighter". I love the storage within.

KMP Furniture said...

I am always looking for Multifunctional furniture & if I can't be successfull to find them then I select single small space furniture!!

Risa said...

Oh gosh. We had something like this in our living room until 1985, I think, which doubled as a low center table and extra seating. It's a good idea, but I found the rollers a bit tacky.