Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Small Space Bookshelf: Tetrad


Yes we own too many books. I don’t know what that means because you can never have too many books. But we do have a large number of books relative to the small space we live in. We are always looking for creative ways to store and display our books.

The Tetrad is a great example of functional fun. This Tetris-inspired bookshelf is a 10-block set of Tetris shapes that can be arranged in any configuration you desire. The pieces can be attached to each other and/or the wall. The shelves are constructed of birch plywood with multi-colored metal backings.

And just in case you’re wondering, the bottom row does not disappear if you fill the line.


Debbie said...

I heart Tetris on an old school black and white Gameboy! Now where did I see that last... I must find it.

KMP Furniture said...

This one will be best for students to keep their books with perfect arrangement