Saturday, May 17, 2008

Small Space Living: Update, Google Love #2

small_space_living-close 350

I have posted in the past about my Google search position rank. I have to say that I am not a web designer nor do I have any great understanding of HTML. I am aware of the fact that Google uses algorithms to determine page rank, but my knowing of said algorithms does in no way make me an expert.

As a recap, I should say that I usually go to Google once per week and type “small space living” and look at where I am. So I have been here posting away and over the last month I have watched my search rank go form first page to second page and back to first. Today I wake up searched “small space living” and Bam! I am number one.

Well more correctly, I was number one. A few hours later, HGTV, apparently suffering greatly just behind the tyrannical force of my little blog, somehow managed to get back ahead of me. But I am pleased to see that without paying for any sort of listing or Google insertion I have been able to not only compete with, but also beat out much larger companies that use the term “small space living”.

So thanks to all of you who read and subscribe. Also super big thanks to any of you how have linked or mentioned Small Space Living on your blog. Thanks!


jen x said...

Well, now you have me doing it too. (We are both #1 tonight -- woo-hoo! Very cool since mine used to be about 7 pages in.) Here's my other new fave Google thing: if you type "link:" and then your URL in the search box, you receive back the results of everyone who has linked to you. For example "link:" returns 264 places that have linked to Y-O-U.

Maybe this is only new to me :-)

I do find it picks up things that Technorati and my stat monitor sometimes miss.

Michael said...

Yea I was many pages back when I started. Your Technorati Authority is very good 24 I think last time I looked.

I'm doing ok but I'm around 17 at this time.

It is nice to see that we can actually get Google rank with out paying for insertion.


Debbie said...

Congratulations to both of you!