Monday, May 5, 2008

Small Space Integration, TubeStick


In small space living, every inch counts. It is important to prioritize the usefulness of objects and try to focus on items capable of multi-tasking. We have focused on multi-function furniture and other double-duty products. How about your personal computer?

I don’t watch much television — in fact I have never in my adult life had cable. I do sometimes enjoy watching some television, like Antiques Road Show and occasionally the news. I’ve been thinking about a new flat-screen television, but I would also have to bite the bullet and get cable.

So why not use your computer as your television? The TubeStick by Equinux is a clever little device about the size of a USB memory stick that lets you do just that. The TubeStick sticks in the side of your computer and with it’s two built in tuners it lets you watch free analog and that newfangled free digital TV as well. It also has a port that can accept an antenna for greater reception or cable.

The TubeStick has many features that make my Sony TV green with envy. You can record shows with the Tubestick, access an electronic program guide and remotely manage or watch programs with your iPod touch or iPhone. You can also zoom in on the picture and BuddySurf, a feature that shows chat rooms related to the show you are watching.

The though of having you new iMac also server as a fully functional HD TV is a proposition bound to free up space in small homes everywhere.