Thursday, May 29, 2008

Small Space Flashlight: Super Bogo Solar


Small Space Living is dedicated to living greener and helping others. We have a strong green streak and deep belief that individuals are defined by how they give back.

With this in mind, I cannot imagine a better flashlight in the world than the Bogo. The Bogo series of flashlights are truly innovative products. They are well-built, very durable, solar-rechargeable flashlights. The Bogo flashlights use LEDs so it is possible to get six or more hours per night from the on-board batteries.

If that were the end of the story they would be some fine flashlights. As the name implies these Bogo lights are “buy one give one.” Yes that’s not a typo its give one, not get one. When you purchase one of these very reasonably priced lights, one is given to someone in need that could not normally afford one.

Flashlights my not seem like life or death necessity, but I assure you they can make life easier. The whole idea of renewable flashlights, stopping the flow of batteries to landfills and helping others, makes the Bogo just about perfect in our book.


jen x said...

I love these "buy 1, give 1" ideas, which seem to be popping up more lately (I just saw a company doing the same with shoes.) Very cool :-)