Friday, May 30, 2008

Small Space Rehab: Philly Style


One of my favorite things about architecture these days is the abundance of creative rehabs that pop up in urban areas. I love the reuse of old structures. It’s a sort-of architectural recycling.

I stumbled on this great rehab of a garage in Philadelphia. Three master of architecture students from the University of Pennsylvania executed the rehab in lieu of more traditional internships.

The space is quite amazing with its striking Cor-Ten steel fa├žade. There are many amenities packed in this old garage. Some of the highlights are bamboo floors, on-demand electric-heated water, exposed brick, and a 600 square foot green rooftop. The entire project is simply amazing.

You can see more pictures here at the flicker set. And if you have 400K you can buy it here!

Via 100khouse.


Nereid said...

Is a bullet-proof vest included in that $400k?? Jinkies!

The space does look awesome, though. They did a really great job with it.

Debbie said...

I'd like to tour it.

Modern Furniture said...

Those flicker photos representing good architecture skill & I got some nice ideas to architect my new home with Modern Style...