Thursday, May 8, 2008

Small Space Pop Up Furniture: Sandy Lam’s Spaceless


Small Space living presents many challenges — not the least of which is, well, space. There just never seems to be enough. Even outdoors, my “back yard” is hardly the size of a small car.

Sandy Lam has developed some pretty intuitive solutions for increasing the useable space on balconies. Spaceslees is a system of furniture that pops up from the decking of outdoor balconies. It does not actually pop, you do need to lift it, but the pieces fold into the decking beneath their up-right position.

Currently, there are two pieces in the Spaceless collection — a table and a bench. The pieces fold flat when not in use allowing the space to be used for other purposes. When there is a need for additional furniture, you simply lift them out of their in-deck storage.


Sandy Lam said...

Thank you for including my product on your blog. I have just created a website ( to clarify some of the questions about this product, enjoy!

KMP Furniture said...

Fantastic idea to manage small space with effective Modern Furniture arrangement !!

Somedays ago I have found this video too.

Furniture said...

Its really a very nice idea for arrangement of furniture and space...