Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tubelor Trashcan


We all have trash and we all shop. My wife and I always try to bring reusable bags when we shop for groceries. We still some how end up with a never-ending supply of plastic bags. I guess it’s the little things we buy — the un-planned shopping excursions.

The Tubelor Trashcan is the perfect mate for your plastic bag collection. It’s a simple design that provides a small trashcan and a colorful cover. Simply place your plastic shoping bag in the can and use the cover to hide the unsightly edges and handles. It’s an easy way to recycle plastic bags. Six designer colors are available, so it will be easy to match your decore.


The Bear said...

I love this trash can! I save all of my plastic bags from the grocery store so I can definately use this (to store bear treats)!

jen x said...

Wow, love this, too! I use store plastic bags for an under-the-sink trashcan (mercifully hidden from view), but it's a little too wide for lots of bags. This will do the trick -- and look nice at the same time. A terrific find :-)