Friday, February 8, 2008

Mini Valentine Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner — seven short days left. I thought I would help you guy’s stay out of trouble by steering you in the right direction.I have picked several Etsy items that I’m sure your valentine will love.


Sweetheart Candy Box Hat
By: Terry Graziano Hats

If your valentine is at all like mine, then she loves hats. This is a great hat. It can be worn in a multitude of ways so it’s like buying several hats in one. Terry Graziano Hats are very well made. The Sweetheart Candy Box Hat is constructed of lightweight wool and lined with silk. It even comes in it’s own hatbox!


Say Anything Note Card
By: Annie Cho

Valentine’s Day means Valentine Cards. This one by Annie Cho is perfect. I know my valentine and I enjoy 80’s movies and Say Anything is classic. I like the fact that this card has the simple Lloyd Dobler (john Cusack) image and nothing else. You are free to deliver any message you would like and Lloyd and his boom box are there to back you up.


Faceted 50’s Vintage Glass Button Ring
By: Mom O Matic’s AUTOMAT

You can never lose with jewelry on Valentine’s Day. This cherry red ring is made from a 50’s glass button. It’s adjustable so it will fit your valentine and it’s inexpensive so it will fit your budget.


Lotta said...

Thanks! If anyone finds me via small space living just mention it. I'll give free shipping. Cheers!

Michael said...

Lotta's Etsy shop is Mom O Matic’s AUTOMAT.

Thanks lotta.