Saturday, February 23, 2008

Small Space Camcorder


So camcorders are somewhat essential pieces of our digital lives. With You Tube being so prevalent, videos are powerful tool. The right video could direct millions of views to the site of its creator. We like to watch stuff — it’s true. However, having a camcorder with you everywhere is not always practical. Well now it can be.

There have been several variants of pocket-sized camcorders. The Flip Video by Pure Digital has clearly established itself as the market leader in the tiny camcorder market. These little wonders are not going to be used to film the new Indian Jones Movie — or anything of the kind — but for most casual users, they should fit the bill nicely.

The newest model, the Flip Video Ultra has been upgraded to include some nice features. There is a better quality LCD screen so you can see what you are filming. There is also a one-touch button to upload video straight to You Tube and AOL Video. The Ultra is also Mac compatible.

Its small size does have drawbacks. The Flip Video Ultra records in MPEG-4 — a more compressed video than the MPEG-2 format recorded by more full sized camcorders. The zoom is less than speculator and there is no expansion slot for additional memory.

For the $150 price tag, the Flip Video Ultra is a contender. It’s a great little camcorder for the not so technologically inclined. You mother or grandmother could be filming in no time.