Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Skeppshult Bikes

Photo Credits Skeppshult Bikes

Bikes are an ideal mode of transportation in the city, epically if you live in a bike-friendly city. Pittsburgh is a fairly bike-friendly as far as the infrastructure goes. There are paved bike trails everywhere, and bike lanes on many streets. The geography is slightly less bike-friendly — if you have ever been here, you know it’s a hilly bugger of a city. Despite the geography handicap, I continually see more and more people on bikes.

If you intend to make a real go of commuting on a bike or even using it for short jaunts, you need a good bike. When your bike is constantly breaking down or it is not tough enough to deal with the rigors of city life it makes biking a lot less fun.

Skeppshult has been producing classic bikes in Sweden for nearly 100 years. Bikes are far more prevalent in all of Europe than here in the US. I think these rugged handsome bikes have a good deal to do with that. Skeppshult Bikes are built to last. Their most popular model, the Nature, is the quintessential classic bicycle. There is just something romantic and enduring about the design of this bike.

As spring nears, get out there on your bike. If you can’t ride to work, take it to the corner store. Or just cruise about your neighborhood. Its great exercise and better for the environment than your car.



Patism said...

I got my bike 3 years ago at a yard sale, paid five dollars for it, it's a nice schwin which was about 15 years old at the time. It is in exelent condition. I will tell you this much. They don't make them like they used to.

The Bear said...

I like bikes! I used to ride them all the time at my last job (in the circus).

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful bikes, but so expensive!

I met a guy in Philly who collects junked bikes to refurbish them. He put three hundred inexpensive bikes back on the street just last year.

I'm afraid to bike Pittsburgh during peak traffic hours. I've had some luck early and late, but your drivers are out for blood.

Michael said...

Agreed vintage bikes are often well built, many vintage items are of high quality.

The bikes are expensive, buy quality is often a at premium price.

There is a place here in Pittsburgh that collects donated bikes. You can then go there and build your own bike, with the help of volunteers. The cost is minimal and there is an option to pay by volunteering your time to help others. I’ll add the name when I remember it.

Yes I will admit that Pittsburgh drivers are a bit tough, you get accustom to it though.