Sunday, February 10, 2008

Small Space Coach House

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Photo Credits Scape Architects

Scape Architects of London have nailed small. Their renovation of a tiny 648 square foot coach house brings a big feel to a truly tiny home.

The home is tucked away in a mews just minutes away from the bustle of London. A mews house is a type of stable with living quarters not unlike coach houses here in America. With space a premium in London, most of these small structures have been converted into living quarters.

The home is a 2 story structure just 18 by 18 feet. The home was fully renovated inside and out. There are huge windows that give the space natural light and an open feel, despite its tiny footprint. Every inch of the home was utilized so there is abundant storage with cabinets specially designed for Brompton folders — see next post.

This is another great example of people making the most of very little space.