Sunday, February 17, 2008

Small Space Pets: Cat Pod Bed


This is a creative new ideal for a cat bed. The Pod Bed offers a safe, cozy and elevating sanctuary for you feline. It is available in 6 designer colors, so one will certainly match your small space. It’s not a large piece and with its thin legs, the Pod Bed looks smaller than it actually is. It’s nice to find functional pieces of cat furniture that can be incorporated into a modern home without making it a cat lady house. A great find via decorate it darling.


jawcey said...

Thanks for the comment and the link! Great blog yourself - I'm adding you to my daily reads :)


Anonymous said...

Meow. Meow. Kitty would be in heaven with this!

Nereid said...

Georgie & Serena would love it!

Great site, Michael! Just popping by to say Hello. (say, "Deb Sent Me!")

Much love from Philly,