Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Small Space Radio


I love the radio. As I have mentioned before I spend far more time listening to the radio than I do watching television.

Two years ago I received a PogoProducts Radio Your Way LX as a Christmas present. I cannot think of any product that I use with more frequency, no pun intended. It’s a fantastic little radio. It gets great reception; it is very small and it’s easy to use. The size is comparable to an iPod, just a smidge thicker but a bit lighter. In addition to the radio, it also functions as an MP3 player with a slightly less innovative interface than an iPod. The MP3’s are stored on SD cards or internal memory.

By far the best feature of the Radio Your Way LX is its ability to record. It can be programmed to record any radio show to its internal memory or SD card. You just program and let it catch your favorite show for you. The Radio Your Way LX is also capable of recording from an external microphone. The recordings are directly encoded to MP3 at bit rates of up to 256 Kbps, making perfect for bootlegging concerts, not that we condone that sort of activity.

If you need a small radio that’s big on features, you will love the Radio Your Way. I use mine every day and I’ve not been disappointed yet.