Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Small Space Living Library Stair

Photo Credits apartment therapy

If you have read our book page, you know we love books — in fact we have too many. The problem with storing books in a small space is, well, space. There is no easy solution — books just take up space.

Well Veronika and Sebastian, the owners of this London Apartment, have a very appealing solution. They had a staircase converted into a makeshift library. I have seen many architectural examples of shelves on stairs, stairs with built in drawers and other clever uses. I have never seen it taken quite to this extreme and none so perfect for small space living.

The resulting staircase structure is stunning. The stairs are steep, but if leading to a private room, a master bedroom in this case, then it’s more than expectable. I also like the way the staggered treads add visually to the piece. A great find via apartment therapy.