Saturday, February 16, 2008

Casulo Portable Furniture Solution

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The Casulo is a standard Euro pallet sized box 80cm by 120cm that contains an entire room of furniture. It’s standard size makes shipping a breeze and no additional packing material is needed. Two people can easily carry the Casulo.

The Casulo includes an armoire, a desk, an adjustable stool, a bookcase, bed with mattress and two additional stools. It takes around 10 minutes to assemble each piece and no tools are required. The entire package is used in the assembly so there is no waste.
The concept is striking to me — imagine the customizable options you could create with this system. This could be the perfect solution for small space dwellers everywhere.

The Casulo won the Abraham & David Roentgen Award in November 2007 for its “cleverness, finesse and qualitative realization of the idea”.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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jen x said...

This is amazing! Wow, I really like your blog (found you on Zimbio).

Michael said...

Come back often!

And the Casulo is amazing it seems so futuristic to me.

shengja said...

These would be very fresh products to the mainstream. It reminds me of my more youthful years when I would of had time I could afford to organizing furniture to become something else. You know, the sleepovers where you built forts out couches, arm chairs, bookcases and bedsheets that made you take the time to piece it together to become something else. That the first things that comes to mind.

With that in mind, although it would be fresh to mainstream, I think it is neat but very impractical being that you have to manually do it. Who wants to take the time to have to set up and breakdown a furniture set every time you go in and out of the room.

I think that to put this concept over the top for mainstream the furniture contraptions should be made to be “automatic”. At the push of a button everything would break down and set back back up on its own without having manually do it.

That would be over the top super cool.