Thursday, February 21, 2008

Small Space Composting


Landfills are bad. According to the EPA, food waste is the number one least recycled material. It is unfortunate that food waste, although very easily biodegradable, is most often added to landfills. In landfills, plastic, water and continual packing prevent food waste from biodegrading for centuries. Now there is a better solution.

NatureMill is a company with the kind of social consciousness we love. Their product, The NatureMill, is a revolutionary item no home should be without. The Nature Mill swallows 120 pounds of organic waste per month. That is the equivalent to the food waste of an average family of five. It will take any organic waste — vegetables, coffee grounds, dairy or meat.

The NatureMill then gets to work by using hot composting to reduce your organic waste. It mixes you waste in just the right conditions using heat, airflow and moisture in its top chamber. The process eliminates odor, pathogens and any seed germination. The compost, as it breaks down, is transferred to a lower curing tray where it continues to compost.

Now I know what you are thinking — but this is not your grandfather’s composter. There is no odor — but just incase there is — a built in air filter that lasts several years. There are no bugs or worms. The end result is fine compost that can be used in your garden.

The Nature Mill can be used inside or outside. It is built to withstand the rigors of rain and snow. There is even a pet waste version. It is a great product with prices starting at only $299 and uses only 10 watts of power.


jen x said...

Wow, would this work in an apartment? I've always assumed composting is out for us because we don't have a yard. Thanks for the tip!

Michael said...

Yes definitely viable in an apartment, you could even put it under your sink if the cabinet is big enough. With no odor very little noise it would work anywhere. If you have plants or a community garden nearby it would be perfect.

jen x said...

Thanks, Michael! We have a community garden a block away, cool. I may have to save my pennies for one of these. I am very happy it doesn't involve worms!

jen x said...

P.S. I liked this so much, I included it in a post as part of my Carbon Fast for Lent entries -- with a hat tip to you for the link, of course. This is a terrific blog :-)