Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toronto’s Tiny House


Talk about small space living — check out this 300 square foot house in Toronto. Apparently this house was for sale in January 2008; it’s off the MLS now so we’ll assume it sold. It was featured on several newscasts, Reuters and even shown on Ellen.

The house boasts the title of Smallest House in Toronto. It was on the market for $179,900. The house was sold the year before for $139,000, but has since been completely renovated.

It is a great example of a tiny home. There are many features packed into this 300 square foot package. There is a full sized bathroom, kitchen and even a washer and dryer. The bed is a Murphy bed that must be closed to open the back door of the house.

All in all it’s a lovely little home. It’s a perfect example of packing all the features of a larger home in a smaller package.

Also check out this news coverage.


IslandBaby said...

Oh my! I think i'm feeling claustrophobic just looking at it!

Michael said...

You know if you don't turn your head and look straight ahead you'll be ok. But if you see the side walls it is a bit tight.