Sunday, March 23, 2008

Small Space Living: Personal Update, Google Love


I know. I know. Two personal updates in one seven-day period is a bit much. Having said that, I hit another personal milestone today.

Once a week, usually on the weekend, I head to Google and type “small space living”. I have been watching my accent starting about five pages back. So this week I officially hit the top ten. I am in fact number nine.

I also think it is important to note that this was done without paying for any insertion services. I’m number nine due to indexing and links. So a great big thanks to everyone who has linked Small Space Living, also a big thanks all of you who read, and comment.

I know number nine is not number one, but for a blog that went public on February 1, 2008, I’m happy with nine. I’ll brag more when I hit the top five…


Anonymous said...


what are those icons next to your listing? i have never seen these on google before.

Michael said...

The icons are stumble upon.

jen x said...

Congrats! I keep forgetting to bookmark you, so when I do a Google Blog search -- you're right at the top with you own special listing there, too. As you should be :-)

John said...


Congratulations from your friends at Furniture Fashion. John

Michael said...

Thanks, Jen I never used Google Blog Search, and look at that there I am!
Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks john, I'm starting to pick-up but i's an ongoing process.