Friday, March 21, 2008

Small Space Integration: Hulger Old School Telephone


I miss the Telephone. You know, sitting on the floor in the kitchen playing with the spiral cord. Actually paying attention to your conversation because you could not walk through the house and multi-task your mind out. The weight of the receiver, the tactility of the phone — I miss Ma Bell.

Not that I hate cell phones, I do hate rude people on their cell phones. I also hate my cheap cordless phones at home— the batteries always seem to die all at the same time. One phone leaves me scampering for the other with the annoying beep-beep-beep of the dying battery.

I think Hulger may have solved my problem. More and more people are using their cell phone as their primary phone. Many people are even using Skype or other internet phones for their from-home calls. In the true interest of integration, Hulger is making it possible to use your pc, mac or cell at home with style and class.

Hulger produces a wide selection of tethered, old school phone cord, and Bluetooth receivers that adapt to your specific set up. Imagine coming home, plopping your cell in its charger and answering your calls on an old school receiver — oh to be fourteen again. I’m not sure kids will get this one, but we, the informed been there done that crowd, will enjoy the nostalgia. Who cares what the kids think.

Now if Hulger could just make me an acoustic coupler modem, you know the ones with the receiver sitting on the top, I’d be in nostalgic bliss.


Debbie said...

Ring Ring. Hello. Yes, I really want that phone.

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