Sunday, March 2, 2008

Small Space Living First Month Update


Somehow the first 30 days of Small Space Living are gone. All in all it was a good first 30 days. I am not the top rated blog on Technorati, yet, but all kidding aside February looked like this.

33 posts in 29 day (my goal was one a day)
3,460 unique visitors (about 119 per day)
7,006 page loads (241 per day)

This being my first attempt at the wonderful world of blogging, I feel encouraged by those numbers.

A few thanks are in order. Thanks to everyone who visited, and a huge thanks to everyone who commented on my posts. If you were one of the people who talked about Small Space Living on your blog or linked me — a great big thanks, it means a lot.


Jamey Lucas said...

Nice stats. Looks like you are doing very well.

Michael said...


I am happy with it. If i just keep moving up incrementally I'll continue to be encouraged.

I'm still kind of new at promoting Small Space Living. I have been trying to focus more on good content.

jen x said...

Belated congrats on month #1. This is such a terrific blog, content-wise and visually. I am confident you will continue to grow!

Michael said...

Jen thanks again for your kind words. I hope you are right.