Thursday, March 6, 2008

Small Space Rugs

Photo Credits The Rug Company

There are many ways to add color and style to you small space life — classic furniture, interesting objects or fancy electronics. Whatever you decide to bring into your home should be the best you can afford. You don’t always have to spend loads of money, but buying classic items always pays off in the end. When you live in a small space, choosing items for you home is even more important. If you have to see something every day, you should love it.

I love these rugs. The Rug Company has some of the most beautiful enduring rug designs I have ever seen. They have classic woven rugs like those you could find in any high-end rug retailer. It is their contemporary and designer collections that really shine. These rugs are available in a wondrous array of patterns and colors. Styles change, home furnishings come and go, but well made rugs last generations.

The Rug Company does not mass-produce machine made rugs. Each of their amazing rugs are hand knotted in the traditional method using hand spun wool. These rugs will stand the test of time and remain stylish while doing so.


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KMP Furniture said...

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