Sunday, March 2, 2008

Small Space Abod


The Abod is an amazing low-cost structure designed to give hope and homes to the masses. The architects at BSB Design have created this affordable, high-quality structure at a project cost of less than $1,500 per unit.

The Abod is intended to provide hosing options where large numbers of families lack homes of any kind. These structures are easily assembled; four people can easily construct one unit in a day with the provided hand tools. Joining two or more units together easily expands the Abod. The structures are permanent lasting twenty to thirty years, but can quickly dissembled for relocation.

These small units are very strong and can be built on slabs, but do not require elaborate foundations. They can be customized to allow for bathrooms and/or kitchens. Each Abod has a sleeping loft and despite its 120 square foot space they seem roomy.

It is always reassuring to see designers and architects serving people with their design — these structures could mean so much to so many. I hope the idea is fully realized and they go into mass production soon.


Nereid said...


I take it these are meant for very warm climates? I wonder how they'd fair in, say, the Mid-Atlantic states? I've been meeting some people lately who consider themselves "urban nomads"... not exactly homeless. I wonder how they'd respond to this type of housing in the outskirts of the city.

Michael said...

Yea defiantly made for warm climates, specifically Africa. I’m sure it could be easily insulated and fitted with a small stove, wood or propane, but the clear panels would have to go.

I guess it would depend on the city, some may go for it.