Monday, June 2, 2008

Small Space Stamps: Charles + Ray Eames


I just wanted to remind everyone to start getting in line now — think of the iPhone release in New York. What are you lining up for, some new object of lust from Apple? No, stamps!

Charles + Ray Eames stamps to be more precise; they are coming soon. The official Post Office release date is June 16, 2008. They are some truly lust worthy stamps and just thinking about them makes me want to write letters to everyone I know.

Then again, I’m not sure I actually want to mail these stamps. Maybe I will stick them around my house on my ordinary furniture and let it dream of greatness.


Debbie said...

These are so fun. When I collected stamps as a kid, there was just line art of dead guys to pick from. Dad has a great collection from back in those days.

Nereid said...

I didn't know you collected stamps as a kid. Me too! I wasn't very good at organizing them, though...

These look fantastic. I'll have to look for them; maybe use them for letters to my donors for work. They'd eat it up.

Debbie said...

Oh... the things you don't know. Match box cards too.