Monday, June 2, 2008

Small Space Floating Furniture: Cantilever Style


While doing some of my regular trolling of sites, this weekend I stumbled on an image of the cantilevered desk (pictured above).

It is a really fine piece of furniture. I love how the use of built in furniture allows for what is really quite a large piece of furniture without feeling large. The floating volume of the piece allows the room to appear more open and less cluttered.

Built in furniture is not inexpensive and good cabinetmakers are quite rare. However, the added home value of built in furniture can make it well worth the investment. Just remember to keep built-ins classic and clean so what ever it is, it will never look dated. This piece is a great example.

Eastvold Custom Woodworks created the desk. Check out their site for more of beautiful designs.

Via Mid-Century Modernist


Debbie said...

Love this. It is clean and open. And as noted, timeless. I'm sure with the combination of it floating and flowing along under the line of windows, the room feels much longer/bigger than it is. And that is always a good thing.

KMP Furniture said...

Good Idea to manage small space with this furniture!!!

Anonymous said...
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